October 24, 2011


This entire weekend I was out on a boat. Since moving down here, I must admit its the most fun I've had. Our neighbors have an awesome little boat they go out on all the time, and this weekend they gave us a little taste of North Carolina. 

We went gigging and pole fishing. Anyone who's never gone gigging before should defiantly try it if they ever get the chance. It's a lot of patience and well... balance. Joe had the fun of falling off the boat! Neither of us have really had experience being out on boats, so I'm just glad it was him and not me. It was so exciting seeing all the jelly fish, sting ray, and other unique sea creatures I never would have had the change to see in NY.
Joey's Trout
First catch of the day
Right after Joe fell in
All the flounder we gigged on night 1

I hope you all had a fun weekend! 


  1. stopping by from mingle monday - looks like your fishing weekend was fun!!! happy monday!

  2. Saying "Hi" from Mingle Monday! I'm not exactly sure what gigging is, but it looks like you had fun and caught a lot of fish! :) Your wedding picture is stunning!


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