Our Love Story

When Joe and I met , I was in my sophomore year of high school, he in his junior. And I can easily say it was not instant love. It took a lot time and effort to get his attention. But once it did we were inseparable. From the beginning he let me knew his future would consist of joining the military. Never did I think I would be taking the role of a Marine Wife.  After he graduated high school he left for bootcamp. I'm not sure when it exactly hit me that I wanted to marry this man, but sometime while he was gone I started planning my dream wedding, with him in the picture. After a few long talks together, he proposed in December 2010. The date was set, July 21 2012 and by March the date was changed to May 30 2011. Boy, did people call us crazy. I wasn't even done with high school yet, and I was going to be a Mrs! 
The wedding came together without a single flaw. We got all our first choices, which was very shocking for 2 months notice and Memorial Day weekend. Things were going so smoothly and then a two days before the wedding, Joe was boarding his plane to NY... The plane that was delayed causing him to miss his connecting flight. After a few high stressed phone calls, I was on my way to NYC to pick him up. Only upon arriving did we find out got a different flight to Syracuse. Finally after almost 12 hours of driving we had him home. 
Three months later we are homeowners living right off base, two furballs have been added onto our family, and we are slowly making our new neighbors friends and our new house a home.
Our journey is just beginning, and we couldn't be more blessed.