November 14, 2011


Have you ever wondered why life works in crazy ways? It's been a while since I've had time to sit down and just write anything. And I'm starting to see, sometimes it's necessary to have me time and to just sit down and do what I want. Have you ever had a blessing and a curse at the same time? This past weekend Joe's dad had a stroke so we made the 12 hour drive home on emergency leave. I hate saying this and feel guilty but I'm sorta glad we got to come home. His father is doing great, under the circumstances. But I'm just happy to get away from everything military for a little while and just be with family. At this moment I sit here typing this with Joe and my dad watching the Packers game. I don't want to leave in two days, I don't want to leave my home to go back to my own home. But I guess that's part of this journey we all live. We grow, we leave home, and make our own place. 
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