August 10, 2011

Packing packing and more packing

I dread packing. It should be easier because this time all that needs to be done is box everything up... right? Wrong. I still have to decided whats going down with me the first trip. And since i'm the biggest procrastinator ever, I left myself today to get it done. Thanks to my mom most of our wedding stuff has already been boxed up. But we are i'm not even near being finished.

Tomorrow me and the pups will be up bright and early to take them to the vets. We have to get my baby Wrangler ready for the big move. That's another concern of mine. The longest car ride he's been on was an hour and he puked twice. Someone once told me to get ginger snaps to settle their stomach so I guess we will be putting that theory to the test.

Then after that I get to go pick Joe up from the airport!! I can't believe that this time there won't be any goodbyes after two or three days. Well any between me and him. Times going by so fast.. I count down by the tasks I have to complete and places to go. Those fill up my time until Joe gets here, and then once he is here we will be making our rounds with both our families. Then my sister-in law's baby shower.. and we're on our way! 

August 09, 2011

Girls Night

I finally got to have some girl time with my two friends T and O. We spent the day in our state park biking and taking photos and ended with a good old sleepover. Everything lately has been so crazy and fast paced I haven't had much time to just hang out. It's really starting to hit how close the moving date is.. I'm still super excited and can't wait to be with Joe, but I didn't really expect the goodbyes to be so sad. I know it's silly because its not like a deployment, but I'm just gonna miss my girls. But on that thought there is only 5 days until I move!! And I've got nothing packed. I don't really know where to start. We can only bring a car load down the first trip in order to get down and do all our paperwork on time. And then a week later our parents are gonna help us and drive a u haul down. They've been so helpful through all this! 
I have so much more to still figure out about my blog. When I was working on it yesterday everything got all messed up... the reason why there is no background right now. I was so frustrated and confused I just deleted everything, and now I regret that. Hopefully over the next few days I can get this figured out!

August 08, 2011

1 am

So it's official, I have a sleep problem... which leads me to the lovely internet. 
I've decided that now is as good as a time as any to give the rest of my introductions on myself. For starters, yes I am 18 and married. We actually got married a month before I graduated high school, and I don't regret a single thing about it. He's been there for me through thick and thin. Right now I'm currently in New York and he's down in North Carolina. BUT we just bought a new house and I move in 7 days!!! I'm so excited!! I can't believe how busy the past few months have been. We started planning our wedding in March, and I'm sure all military spouses can agree with me, its very aggravating planning something this huge without your significant other with you. But, in two short months we pulled off a dream wedding. Then a month later it was crunch time with finals and graduation. And here I am now not only getting ready for my freshman year of college to begin, but also closing on our new house and getting ready to move away from home. I know this is all just the start of whats to come, but I couldn't be any happier with everything in my life. So many people have doubted me and my choices but I'm going to keep following my heart.
My wedding day
Christmas 2010
My new house!

August 07, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Ahhh, my very first post! I'm so excited to start this and finally have a place to share my thoughts and opinions with other people. If you decide to follow me, you'll learn a lot about my sometimes hectic and always crazy life. A lot of this will consist of my life as a Marine Wife, and going head first into this new lifestyle at 18. I can't wait for all the real posts to start after i finish the introductory posts. With this being my first blog, I would love input of what you want to hear more of and such.