July 30, 2012

Preparing for Deployment

Firstly I'd like to say a thanks to 
marine parents

Today has been such a drag. I didn't go to my Massage School because I have a 
doctors appointment. I'm secretly hoping that I'll get to see baby Carter  on an ultrasound
but I have my doubts and am thinking in the next four weeks I will.
I hate to complain about being away from the hubby because I'm not the only one. 
It's just that I'm not used to the separation. As hes preparing for his upcoming deployment he's always gone
Most days I'm fine, but some days I fall into a funk. I miss him being gone in the present moment, I'm missing him being gone when his deployment comes up and I miss him for baby Carter. 
Carter will be so new and young to this world, he won't even realize his daddy has left to fight for our freedom. 
But I can't help but let it get to me that they will both miss a huge chunk of each others lives. 
But I supposed that's military life for ya. 
It will be one picture after the other and a grand count down! 

I really can't keep thinking about something that's not even happened yet. 


  1. New follower from the Military Monday Blog Hop. We just have 3 babies under 3 and just finished our first 13 month deployment.

  2. Wow girl! I'm freaking out about a 7 month deployment with one little one. I really give it to ya!